Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sabbatical plans

Today is my last day of work before starting an eleven-month sabbatical. I expect that blog posts will continue while I’m off. For example, below is a picture I snapped from my (home) office the other day. Anyone want to guess what the guy is doing wrong?

Well, he’s up more than three metres off the ground, standing on an icy (note ice dam) and pitched roof with no fall protection. Not as bad at the two guys I saw on a roof with a 45-degree slope the other day: one guy was crouched on top of the peak, holding onto a nylon strap (with one hand—the other was in his pocket because it was cold) that was supporting the other guy who was shoveling down lower on the roof. But neither is really being safe!

I have a bunch of projects lined up for the next year. I’m currently examining the narratives used by MLAs to explain the persistence of workplace injuries throughout the 2000s. The same data set will then be used to examine the narratives that justify workers’ compensation exceptionalism related to firefighters and farm workers.

Teacher bargaining is in the news and a buddy and I are examining the educational impact of the 2002 teacher strike in Alberta. I’m hopeful we can finally move this analysis forward. A different partner and I also have some data on how politicians construct migrant workers that I’d like to do the analysis on.

And I have a couple of other articles ideas—examining cost transfer associated with injuries among migrant workers and the policy implications of non-status migrant workers access to health care. Should be a busy sabbatical!

-- Bob Barnetson

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