Monday, October 7, 2013

Expanding workers' compensation coverage

Unions representing workers across the country recent released a statement demanding that workers’ compensation coverage be expanded to include all workers in Canada. The Yukon recently expanded workers’ compensation to all workers.

Elsewhere, many workers are excluded (although the exclusions are idiosyncratic by province and territory) from coverage and thus have no (or limited) wage-loss, rehab and medical benefits when they are injured on the job. This transfers injury costs away from employers and onto workers, their families and the taxpayer.

In Alberta, the list of exclusions is wild and varied (see Schedule B here), including farmers, preachers, hookers and some teachers. 

Which kind of reminds me of the beginning of a Randy Travis song about an MVA.

Perhaps this song inspired Alberta's incoherent list of exclusions? That is as plausible as any other explanation I've heard.

-- Bob Barnetson