Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Meredith hearings redux and leading indicators

Rabble.ca is reporting on new hearings in workers' compensation in Ontario, marking the 100th anniversary of Sir William Meredith's report ushering in injury compensation in Ontario. The report of these hearings will be unveiled Friday at the No Half Measures conference (yay!) in Don Mills (meh...) that I'll be speaking at.

In other workplace injury news, the Institute for Work and Health has released an interim report on their quest for leading indicators of workplace injury. Unlike injury rates (which are a trailing indicator), leading indicators are characteristics of workplaces that precede injuries and, if changed, affect injury outcomes.

In theory, leading indicators are a kind of holy grail. In practice, their development is proving difficult (as befits a questing metaphor!).

The lack of evidence that any feasible indicators exist raises questions about government interest in them: perhaps the demand for leading indicators is just another way to distract us from criticism about rampant noncompliance and ineffective enforcement?

-- Bob Barnetson

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