Tuesday, October 27, 2015

International Conference on Regulation, Change and the Work Environment

From November 30 to December 2, the University of Ottawa will be playing host to the International Conference on Regulation, Change and the Work Environment. I am sad I can't attend this conference as it is quite a good program.

The conference opens with a panel discussion entitled "Sick of Work: The Health and Safety Challenges of Insecure and Precarious Employment – Global Perspectives and Lessons for Canada" that includes Michael Quinlan, Annie Th├ębaud-Mony, David Walters, Laurent Vogel and Katherine Lippel.

The next days sees sessions that include:
  • Occupational Health Put to the Test of Deregulation: The Paralysis of European Policies on Occupational Cancers 
  • The Global Workforce and Workplace Safety in Australian Horticulture: Managing Without Obligation or Commitment
  • (in French) Local Labour Union Action on Occupational Health and Safety: Varieties in Forms, Leverage and Obstacles
Overall, this looks like a good conference on a timely theme!

-- Bob Barnetson

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