Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Research: Injury and safety behaviours among workers aged 15-245

The Journal of Safety Research has recently published an article entitled “Prevalence and demographic differences in microaccidents and safety behaviours among your workers in Canada”. The article examines the incidence the occurrence of no lost time injuries and safety behaviours among a convenience sample of nearly 20,000 Canadian workers, 15- to 25-years-old.

Roughly one third of respondents reported at least one no-time loss injury in the four weeks before answering the survey. While there was no gender difference in the results, workers 15-18 were much more likely to report experiencing injuries.

Workers aged 15-18 also reported less “safety voice” and “safety compliance” and more “safety neglect” than older workers. These results were more pronounced for young males than young females. Overall, fairly alarming statistics.

-- Bob Barnetson

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