Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Course in Workplace Injury

Athabasca University has opened a new course addressing workplace injury. IDRL 408: Workplace Injury is a three-credit senior course that builds upon existing offerings in injury prevention (IDRL 308) and injury compensation and disability management (HRMT 323).

IDRL 408 provides an in-depth examination of the political economy of workplace injury, both in Canada and in the developing world. You will engage directly with the academic literature on workplace injury and undertake scholarly writing, including a book review and literature review. This course comprises four units.

Unit 1 Workplace Injury and Precarious Work
Unit 1 will examine the political economy of Canadian workplace injury through the lens of precarious employment.

Unit 2 Occupational Disease and Injury Recognition
Unit 2 will deepen our understanding of the political economy of workplace injury by examining the politics of injury recognition and occupational disease.

Unit 3 Manufacturing Doubt: Science and Politics
Unit 3 will examine how corporations have undermined injury recognition and occupational health and safety (OHS) regulation through the manipulation of science, exposure levels, and enforcement.

Unit 4 The Global Economy and OHS
Unit 4 will examine workplace injury in Chinese manufacturing and power generation injuries.

In the next few months, we will be rolling out a mixture of major revisions and new courses. The new courses will include HRMT 300 (Human Resource Planning) as well as EDUC/HRMT 3XX (Program Planning).

The major revisions include LGST 310/IDRL 309 (Human Rights, the Charter and Labour Relations) as well as HRMT 323 (Injury Compensation and Disability Management).

-- Bob Barnetson

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