Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Economic impact of FIFO and farm worker safety

Last week two interesting things came across my desk late last week. The first is a blog post by Doug Lionais from Cape Breton University. In it, he makes some preliminary observations about the degree of economic impact that migrant work (mostly Fly-In Fly-Out workers who travel to Alberta) has on Cape Breton and the impact that the downturn in the oil industry will have on Cape Breton.

This posting provides a useful perspective on the impact of inter-provincial migration on sending regions—a perspective often ignored in Alberta.

The other item was a call for participants in the next phase of consultations on Alberta’s regulation of farm work. The government appears to be specifically seeking out participants to staff six working groups and I’m told workers and worker advocates with relevant experience are being sought. The deadline for nominations is February 26 and you can self-nominate.

-- Bob Barnetson

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