Friday, September 23, 2016

Labour & Pop Culture: Geraldine

This week’s installment of Labour & Pop Culture is “Geraldine” by GlasVegas. You don’t hear a lot of songs about social workers so I initially thought the social worker in this song was simply a metaphor for the care that we all provide to others.

As it turns out, Geraldine is an actual social worker who quit her job to join GlasVegas on the road. According to Wikipedia (which is never wrong…), her official job is selling merchandise. But there is some suggestion she also provides support to one of the band members.

From a labour perspective, this kind of support is often a part of the unpaid duties (normally performed by women) to ensure social reproduction. Certainly these duties can be hired out (hence the professional of social workers) but, more often, they are done informally and without pay.

When your sparkle evades your soul
I'll be at your side to console
When your standing on the window ledge
I'll talk you back, back from the edge
I will turn, I will turn your tide
Be your Sheppard and your guide
When you're lost in the deep and darkest place around
May my words walk you home safe and sound

When you say that I'm no good and you feel like walking
I need to make sure you know that's just the prescription talking
When your feet decide to walk you on the wayward side
Up upon the stairs and down the downward slide
I will turn, I will turn your tide
Do all that I can to heal you inside
I will be the angel on your shoulder
My name is Geraldine, I'm your social worker

-- Bob Barnetson

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